Always be a Good Neighbor!


STR best practices for owners and managers. Feel free to use and share with your guests.


The beach areas of San Diego are unique communities where vacationers, renters, students, and others live together with permanent residents and homeowners in close proximity. It is important that visitors understand the nuances of living in such a dense community to avoid potential problems. We supports our community’s efforts to help the diverse population share this special place with one another, to respect each other and maintain a peaceful coexistence. If everyone is aware of the rules and regulations that address these issues and concerns, this is more likely to happen. Below is a summary of the rules that address these concerns.


CONTACT INFO: It's important that neighbors know who to contact if there is an issue with your rental. If you do not have signage on your property it is good practice to provide contact info to all surrounding neighbors. This contact should be accessible 24/7 with the ability to investigate and resolve issues in a timely manner.

SCOOTERS: It is illegal to ride motorized devices on the Boardwalk.  Please be conscious of the rules and where you park them after use. Scooters should never be parked on a court, sidewalk, or private driveway. Please park them in designated parking corrals.


NOISE: It shall be unlawful for any person to make any disturbing, excessive, or offensive noise which causes discomfort or annoyance to any reasonable person of normal sensitiveness residing in the area. At all times, any amplified sound that can be heard 50 feet away from your residence is prohibited. Between 10pm and 8am, even normal conversation must be moved inside your home as not to disturb sleeping neighbors. More Info


OCCUPANCY: Max occupancy for our rentals is limited to two (2) people per bedroom plus two (2). It is not acceptable to exceed this number at any time. Parties are strictly prohibited and may lead to immediate eviction without refund.


TRASH: Trash must always be contained within the provided receptacles with lid able to close. It is unacceptable to use a neighbor’s receptacles. Trash receptacles need to be kept on the property and off public access, except for pickup day. Trash is picked up once a week. From July – September there is a second weekly pick up. Check the city’s website for your home’s schedule. (SDMC 66.0127)


PARKING: Park in designated spaces only. It is never acceptable to park in or block a neighbor’s space. Parking is prohibited at red stripes and curbs at all times. Violators can be held civilly liable if they are blocking emergency vehicles from responding to calls and injuries or death result. (SDMC 89.09.4)


SMOKING: Smoking is prohibited on the beach, boardwalk, seawall, parks and parking lots. (SDMC 43.1003)


DOGS: Dogs are only allowed on the beach and adjoining walkways from 6 PM (4PM during non-DST months) to 9 AM and must be on leashes at all times. You must pick up after your dog. (SDMC 63.0102)


BEACH FIRES: Fires, using only clean wood, are permitted in city provided fire rings and containers that are raised off the sand. Flames must be kept less than 12 inches above the container sides and no fires are allowed from 12 AM to 5 AM. (SDMC 63.20.5)


ALCOHOL: It is illegal to have alcohol on Mission Beach, Pacific Beach and adjacent parks and sidewalks at all times. All glass containers are prohibited. A Social Host Ordinance requires party hosts to verify the age of all attendees and to supervise any minors. (SDMC 56.54)


CONTACTING THE POLICE: The San Diego Police Department would like all violations reported by calling (858) 484-3154. Ask for an incident number for follow-up. Always call 911 in a true emergency.