You may have heard that San Diego is considering very strict rules on vacation rentals that could significantly impact the number of available rentals. As the epicenter of vacation rental homes for decades, Mission Beach is caught in the middle! Due to our proximity to the coast, the CA Coastal Commission regulates the coastal zones and will ultimately decide which regulations can be implemented.

We are asking that you please write and/or call to the Coastal Commission to express your support for vacation rentals as an invaluable resource for visitors and coastal access.

We've created a template to start your email. Please feel free to edit, add a personal story, or draft your own message. Pictures are encouraged!


If the email template link does not work, here are instructions.

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Please Save Mission Beach!


Dear Commissioners and Staff,

I have learned that San Diego is considering rules to limit vacation rentals in San Diego. I am a frequent visitor to Mission Beach, always staying in vacation rentals. As a community built around tourism and supported by visitors staying in vacation rentals, no area in the city will feel the impacts of new rules that limit vacation rentals more than Mission Beach. When the city finalizes their action, we hope the commission will protect coastal access and affordable visitor accommodations, which the limited hotels near the beach cannot offer. Please protect lower cost accommodations and the supported recreational facilities for this amazing year round coastal resource.