Dear Mr. Alex Llerandi and Commissioners, 

Mission Beach supports the San Diego STR ordinance and the community-approved 30% limit. 

The recently passed San Diego STR ordinance is a compromise that strikes a balance between residents, hotels, and STRs while ensuring access to the coast pursuant to the objectives of the California Coastal Act. STRs are a low-cost alternative that keep our beaches open to all Californians.

San Diego’s beach communities, especially Mission Beach, have long been supporters of STRs and should be protected from bans and overly restrictive limits. STRs have played an important role in the community of Mission Beach for almost a century. The Mission Beach Town Council, comprised of Mission Beach residents and business owners, overwhelmingly voted to allow up to 30 percent of dwelling units to be used as STRs – a policy that was included in the City’s STR ordinance. I support this policy and hope you will ignore the small but vocal anti-STR faction that misrepresents the Mission Beach community and undermines the work our community has done to get here.