We feel it is vital for all Mission Beach stakeholders supportive of STRs to speak up! It's time to come together and get involved!

  • Join, support and get involved with the Mission Beach Town Council so our voices are heard and our votes are counted. Meetings are 6:00 pm the 2nd Wednesday of each month at the Belmont Community Room (except August and December).

  • Join the San Diego Short-Term Rental Alliance. Click here

  • Email the CA Coastal Commission, asking them to Save Mission Beach and to protect affordable accommodations and coastal access. The Coastal Commission has to approve changes in the coastal zone, which includes all of Mission Beach. Email Instructions

  • We must let our representatives know that we do not support over-restrictive STR regulations. Contact our representatives to express your feelings and support of STRs. We suggest using the subject "Save Mission Beach!" to show our united front. We support a fair compromise via sensible regulation that will protect STRs while respecting our community and full-time residents, a harmonious relationship that has been in place for more than a century!


Thank you for getting involved and showing your support! We are dedicated to saving and preserving the benefits and long history of vacation rentals in Mission Beach for generations to come!