Save Mission Beach is a local grassroots working group made up of residents, property owners, property managers, and businesses in Mission Beach. We are dedicated to saving and preserving the benefits and long history of second home vacation rentals on the Mission Beach peninsula, and to serve the community as a resource to promote compliance and peaceful coexistence.

To date we have worked with Share San Diego, a group we will continue to support as we work towards common sense regulations throughout San Diego. However we felt the need to establish a more focused group for Mission Beach with it's unique community fabric and long history of STRs.

We encourage anyone that shares our passion for Mission Beach vacation rentals and tourism to join us. Please spread the word!

Save Mission Beach



  1. A historical standard of short term rental exists in Mission Beach. For decades, MB has been a community of residents and rentals that has welcomed and hosted STR visitors. Reports show MB has the highest ratio of STRs in the city at 44%, this did not happen over night! The next community is 7% and it goes down from there (See graph below). No community in San Diego will be impacted by this ban more than MB! The effects would devastate our community, which has always been supported by visitors and second home STRs.

  2. Mission Beach’s coast deserves to be shared with present and future generations and short-term rentals provide affordable accommodations for all. The Coastal Act mandates

    • Section 30213: Lower cost visitor and recreational facilities shall be protected, encouraged, and where, feasible, provided. Developments providing public recreational opportunities are preferred.

    • Section 30222: The use of private lands suitable for visitor serving commercial recreational facilities designed to enhance public opportunities for coastal recreation shall have priority over private residential, general industrial, or general commercial development, but not over agriculture or coastal-dependent industry.

  3. Host Compliance estimates there are 1,560 short-term rentals in Mission Beach, 98% of those are whole home rentals. Other reports suggest the number of active STRs is closer to 1,100. Of the 800+ properties SaveMB has contacted, more than 95% would be illegal under a primary only ordinance. The affects would be devastating to local businesses, depleting money critical to San Diego’s budget and punishing responsible property owners.

  4. We welcome reasonable regulations that will allow responsible second home vacation rentals while eliminating the bad actors. The proposed ordinance includes strict enforcement that will address noise and nuisance concerns raised by community residents.  

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